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The Blue Zone FX was founded in April 2016 by Mr. Debra, a proud of student of AstroFX. TBZFX owes a lot of it’s success within the forex market to mentors Ryan Gilpin of Forever In Profit and John Dollery of Astro FX. The Blue Zone FX was birthed as a resource and tool to help others find a way to shorten the learning curve in learning how to read and understand the forex market. The Blue Zone FX is a place where there are no barriers and no dream is too big for those who are willing to commit to learning the content provided and ready to embark on a groundbreaking and life changing journey.

We take you from not knowing anything about forex and/or trading, to training you into how to become a consistent trader in the forex market. Not only do we teach our students about trading in the market, but we also assist our students in identifying personal goals in order to develop strategies that will help them achieve it.

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